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The Metakages collection features 3,000 unique avatars with static and animated traits. Each holder gets to benefit from a powerful NFT utility app, community vaults, giveaways, comics, and exclusive whitelist access through project collaborations.

Metakages team is made up of 7 members led by project founder ZeaFour. Other members of the team include Discord and community managers, two project artists, an advisor, and a writer.

Phase 1 of the project roadmap consists of a merch website, comic development, and the opening of a community vault. In phase 2 the team will release the Kageapp, an E-commerce platform for MK Action Figures and Toys, with a presence at Comic & Anime conventions. The main focus of the team is to give more value to the Metakage NFT thru creating a solid community, establishing long-term collaborations and partnerships, releasing an app as an NFT Tool for our holders, and creating a long-term comic series.

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