Project Information

METAKAYS are 8,888 unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain.
METAKAYS are the first-ever fully on-chain and fully customizable NFT in the space. METAKAYS that have the FINALITY feature are no longer customizable. FINALITY is a one-time, irreversible function that any owner can call that will make their METAKAYS permanent (no longer customizable). METAKAYS will have a tattoo of a unique # on their left shoulder. Other than that, each METAKAYS DNA and uniqueness is 100% up to the owner. Owners can personalize background, hair, eyes, face, body, and choose any combination of 1-8 letters (capitalized) on the shirt. There are over 88 billion unique combinations holders can create with just one METAKAYS.
METAKAYS also play a major role in the MULTIMETAVERSE. The MULTIMETAVERSE starts with METAVERSE-8888, METAKAYS, & Ethereum. METAVERSE-8888 revolves around image NFTs. Parallel metaverses may revolve around Audio NFTs, Defi, DAOs, web3 social graphs, and other buzz-wordy concepts. METAKAYS may be able to access different metaverses at specific times, depending on what they're wearing and what their shirt says. In some cases, METAKAYS will have a different appearance in different metaverses.