Metasaurs Punks NFTs

Metasaurs Punks NFT Overview

Project Information

Dr. DMT's next NFT collection of 19,999 Metasaurs Punks that are a next-generation MetaDNA experiment of mechanized dinosaurs, living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dr. DMT is a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, formerly known as BAYC Ape #4588 and the creator of the NFT project Metasaurs. DMT is the fur color of Dr. DMT's Ape #4588.

Metasaurs Punks are the second generation of Metasaurs with their genetic makeup being 75% Metasaurs and 25% AI Robots. Holding a Metasaur Punk gives privilege of access and features in the member's only areas of The Lab in the Metsaurs Discord. Holders will have the ability to earn Diamond Hands Points (DHP) for HODLing and earn RARITY points to level-up in the Metasaurs games released on November 30th, 2021.