Metheors NFTs

Metheors NFT Overview

Project Information

Metheors is an art-focused and philanthropic NFT project centered around the conflict of four warring MetaVerse factions: Alpha, Sigma, Gamma, and Omega.

The founders of the project are highly-regarded 3D Artist Diego Zanelli and his Co-Founder and Project Lead Sergi Gonzálvez González, a self-taught master of graphic design, content creation, and video editing.

Sergi brings a background in biotechnology and science and a passion for the environment. He has a goal of continuously supporting a range of charities that focus on environmental protection and restoration with the Metheors platform.

Each NFT from this original collection is a unique creation of Diego Zanelli, who has a background in video game and jewelry design.

All pieces of this collection are designed and crafted by hand, without the use of randomization algorithms.

Full-body 3D renders of each Metheor NFT can be used in the Metaverse, along with giving holders priority access to future expansions to the Metheors collection.