Metropolis by mpkoz NFTs

Metropolis by mpkoz NFT Overview

Project Information

Metropolis is a collection of up to 1,000 on-chain, generative art NFTs created by generative artist Michael Kozlowski, also known as mpkoz, on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection marks the first project released as part of the Art Blocks and Bright Moments partnership that leverages Art Blocks' minting technology and Bright Moment's IRL minting experiences. The initial mint period only released 500 long-form generative NFTs, each featuring one of five distinct traits representing one of five different cities - Berlin, New York City, London, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. Each of those five cities has a Bright Moments gallery where holders can mint a second unique Metropolis NFT for free. The second NFT can only be minted in person at the Bright Moments Gallery which is designated by the 'City' trait in the initial NFT. The second NFT minted is linked stylistically to the initial minted piece to form a diptych.