Metroverse NFTs

Metroverse NFT Overview

Project Information

Metroverse is a land trading NFT strategy game made up of 10,000 genesis city blocks to collect, trade, and stake to earn the $MET utility token.

Each city block is unique with its own residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods.

City Blocks contain a random combination of the many metroverse buildings. The $MET utility token is at the core of the Metroverse ecosystem. $MET is passively earned daily through staked city blocks.

Metroverse has land-based game mechanics similar to Simcity, with traits and rarity calculated based on the properties of buildings within each city block.

Metroverse is a team of experienced entrepreneurs, award-winning designers specialized in isometric design, and young gaming enthusiasts.

The Metroverse team wants to enable the next generation of decentralized applications by creating innovative, immersive, play-to-earn gaming experiences.