Metroverse Blackout NFTs

Metroverse Blackout NFT Overview

Project Information

Metroverse Blackout is a collection of 10,000 blocks, mintable only with 25,000 $MET. Metroverse is a land trading NFT strategy game on Ethereum. Holders can collect, trade, and stake their city blocks to earn the $MET utility token. 97% of city blocks are currently staked in the Metroverse Vault. The Metroverse is a team of experienced entrepreneurs, award-winning designers specializing in isometric design, and young gaming enthusiasts.

The purpose of Blackout is to add more game pieces to the game to make it more playable. The team wants to ensure that genesis holders are the primary recipients of the city blocks, thus they are mintable for MET. With that, the project is using Blackout as a way to grow the game while benefiting Genesis holders in doing so.