sartoshi returns mfers

sartoshi returns mfers
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On June 9, 2022, sartoshi, the creator of the NFT collection 'mfers,' announced that they would be stepping away from the NFT space and handing over control of the project to its community. They deleted their Twitter account and disappeared, that is until today according to a recent Medium article posted by sartoshi.eth.

In the post, sartoshi talks about various items, one being their reasoning for stepping away from the project. When talking about the ideology of a true cc0 project with artists and community members alike, sartoshi goes on to say "some mfers floated the idea that for mfers to truly reach a leaderless decentralized level, sartoshi should disappear into the ether." sartoshi mulled all of this over before deciding to bring it to fruition by releasing 'end of sartoshi' before exiting the space for the last six months. 

The founder then goes on to say they began to notice many within the NFT community viewed their exit as "simply an abandonment of the nft/crypto community" which sartoshi goes on to say "that was never the idea."

They end that statement with an immediate followup..."so on new year's day 2023, i'll be starting up as @sartoshi_rip."

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