The End of Sartoshi: mfers Contract Given to Community

The End of Sartoshi: mfers Contract Given to Community

In an article released today, mfers announced it will give up its contract to the community, including the largest royalty share.

The contract and royalty share will be transferred to the mfers community "via the unofficial mfers multi-sig wallet," which was created by the community in late 2021.

The multi-sig wallet is controlled by seven OG mfers: imp0ster, zhoug, masterchan, metabananas, lexito, mleejr, and kml. It needs four signatures to sign a transaction.

The mfers total creator royalty will be set at 5 percent, and the proceeds will go to:

  • 50 percent unofficial mfers multi-sig wallet
  • 25 percent Sartoshi creator-royalty wallet
  • 15 percent westcoastnft (developer team)
  • 10 percent other mfers developers and consultants

In addition to the gifting of the mfers contract and the change in royalty fee structure, mfers announced the six mfer NFT giveaway is still going to happen.

"Six mfers, including a zombie mfer, will be given away after ajc album songs sell out," the article reads.

Also, Sartoshi's final artwork is an open edition and is minting today.

"This final piece is an open edition available today for 0.069 ETH," the article states. "It is the companion piece to "gm mfers," which was minted on Foundation on Sep. 6, became part of the inspiration for the mfers projects, and last sold for 5 ETH."

Read our full article here.

Minting is available here.

The full article can be read here.

More about mfers

Mfers is a collection of 10,021 stick-figure NFTs created by @sartoshi_nft. There are 10,000 randomly generated NFTs and 21 1 of 1 NFTs in the collection. Sartoshi used his iconic "mfer" in memes on Twitter long before he introduced the Mfers generative collection. The idea came to him when he made his profile picture the iconic "mfer" character with an orange background and began to wonder "what if we all have a mfer inside of us?" Mfers is a CC0 project, which means "no copyright reserved", so Mfers are essentially public domain and can be used by any person or entity in any way that they see fit. 

At the time of publish, the mfers floor price sits at 1.25 ETH, and has risen 5.12 percent over the past 24 hours on 9 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 1 sharp wallets have sold 1 NFTs and no sharp wallets have bought NFTS in the the mfers collection. Catch up on other recent mfers news here.

Recent mfers Sales

#6912sold at 12/09 5:12pm for
#5683sold at 12/09 5:12pm for
#161sold at 12/09 5:12pm for
#7158sold at 12/09 5:12pm for
#2612sold at 12/09 3:12pm for

Recent mfers Listings

#3232listed at 12/09 6:12pm for
#7406listed at 12/09 6:12pm for
#7406listed at 12/09 6:12pm for
#7271listed at 12/09 6:12pm for
#7271listed at 12/09 6:12pm for
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