Machine Hallucinations - Nature Dreams NFTs

Machine Hallucinations - Nature Dreams NFT Overview

Project Information

Machine Hallucinations - Nature Dreams is artist Refik Anadol’s second large-scale solo exhibition in Germany and was designed specifically for KÖNIG GALERIE, an art gallery in Berlin.

Refik Anadol is considered a pioneer in the world of rare digital art and crypto collectibles as he minted the first fully immersive digital artwork NFT in September 2021. Anadol is a media artist, director, and pioneer in the aesthetics of machine intelligence. Embedding media arts into architecture with data and machine intelligence for public art. Anadol has partnered with teams at Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, JPL/NASA, Siemens, MIT, Harvard, and many more to apply the latest, cutting-edge science, research and technologies to his body of work.

For the KÖNIG GALERIE Anadol created two unique NFT options: the AI data sculpture NATURE DREAMS, and his public projection, WINDS OF BERLIN, which is the first time a generative public artwork in Berlin was offered in NFT form. Nature Dreams turns datasets into latent multi-sensory experiences to commemorate the beauty of the earth by utilizing over 300 million publicly available photographs of nature collected between 2018- 2021 at Refik Anadol Studio. Combined, this represents the largest raw dataset of nature ever gathered for an artwork, which was then used to train a GAN AI algorithm.