Remilia Developer Siphons $1M

Remilia Developer Siphons $1M
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A Remilia developer working on Bonkler allegedly compromised nearly $1 million in Remilia Corporation's generated fees while failing to take complete control of the project, according to a post from Remilia CEO Charlotte Fang

The Deets

• Main Bonkler contract and NFTs remain secure
• Bonkler's daily mint temporarily paused; will resume with v2 upgrade
• Developer also attempted social media takeover
• Legal actions are in motion against the perpetrators

The Bulk

A developer connected to Bonkler, a component of Remilia Corporation, executed actions that allowed him to divert nearly $1 million USD from the company’s generated fees. Although the developer made a significant dent in the company’s finances, the core components such as Bonkler's main contract, NFTs, and Remilia's reserves remain untouched.

In response, the company has paused Bonkler's daily mint temporarily. It will be resumed with the completion of the planned v2 upgrade that also brings features like Bonkler-collateralized loans and treasury deployment.

The developer didn't stop at financial harm. In a coordinated effort with two other team members, there was an attempt to hijack the company's social media accounts. They demanded a significant chunk from the treasury, including NFT reserves.

📊 By the Numbers

Remilia Coporations flagship NFT "Milady Maker" dipped briefly below 3 ETH, but has been bought back up to nearly 3.2 ETH at the time of writing. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Needless to say those who threatened the blessed kingdom of Remilia for mere financial gain will face a dramatic and just retribution without sympathy.Charlotte Fang

🔜 What's Next?

Remilia Corporation has established new official social media accounts, and the company is expected to tighten security measures. Holders should treat previous accounts as compromised and follow updates from new handles. All three accounts can be found here. 

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