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Project Information

Mindblowon is a collection of 6,969 weirdos in the metaverse. Mindblowon is from the creators of Tahilalats, specifically Lickpalik of Mindblowon studio.

In 2015, project founder LickPalik started to draw comic strips based on his day-to-day life and called these comic-strip TAHILALATS. Later that year, LickPalik was approached by South Korea-based digital comics publisher LINE Webtoon to become a contributor. In four years, TAHILALATS published more than 653 chapters with 37.3 million likes making it the top comedy content on the platform.

Mindblowon Universe is a metaverse for creators, dreamers, doers, jokers, and everything in between. Mindblowon Universe works with Seeds Motion, a team behind Mindblowon Studio’s animated content. Seeds Motion has been playing and producing Tahilalats’ content for three years now and will create more animations and stories for Mindblowon in the metaverse.