Mindblowon Announces Holder Perks

Mindblowon Announces Holder Perks

Mindblowon is releasing holders benefits including raffles, a “live” comic strip, an IRL event and a special box containing different prizes, including NFTs and ETH. 

Mindblowon Boxes will be raffled every two weeks to:

  • Two holders with the Shrimps role;
  • Ten holders with the Jumbo Shrimps, Special Shrimps and Colossal Shrimps roles
  • And given to holders with the Super Colossal Shrimps role

Other raffles will be held for presale spots for other projects, as long as the project offers more than 30 presale spots. 

The project is also offering one winner each week to have their idea for a comic strip chosen by Mindblowon creator Lickpalick during the weekly Comic Jam Strip.

There will also be a Mindblowon Community Gathering set to be held in “each country.” Holders are encouraged to contact moderators to become country representatives. Each event needs at least five members to attend to qualify.

More about Mindblowon

At the time of publish, the Mindblowon floor price sits at 0.036 ETH, and has fallen -13.9 percent over the past 24 hours on 0 ETH volume of transactions. Over that last 30 days, 2 sharp wallets have sold 2 NFTs and no sharp wallets have bought NFTS in the the Mindblowon collection. Catch up on other recent Mindblowon news here.

Recent Mindblowon Sales

#6436sold at 12/07 6:12pm for
#1891sold at 12/07 4:12pm for
#6184sold at 12/07 11:12am for
#4932sold at 12/07 10:12am for
#6961sold at 12/06 1:12pm for

Recent Mindblowon Listings

#893listed at 12/09 2:12pm for
#893listed at 12/09 2:12pm for
#3301listed at 12/09 2:12pm for
#3301listed at 12/09 2:12pm for
#587listed at 12/09 2:12pm for
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