Minimints NFTs

Minimints NFT Overview

Project Information

Minimints is a collection of 10,000 3D cartoon characters designed for an NFT animated series on the Ethereum blockchain.

Minimint NFTs will serve as actors in the upcoming 3D animated series. Holders will also unlock all of these perks:

  • A 3D model to use in AR, VR, or the metaverse
  • A DCL wearable backpack (airdropped to 500 lucky Minimints holders)
  • A MiniPet NFT
  • And BabyMints (bred through mixing two Minimints)

The Minimints "Mini Cartoon Series" will be up to one minute short comedy cartoons, made by community-generated scripts. There is a secret code at the end of every episode, which starts the Minimints "Treasure Chest Quest Game."

The Minimints "Maxi Cartoon Sitcom Series" will be 10-episode seasons based community-generated scripts.

The team consists of two creators: Gaber and Kristina Aleksandarski.