Minitaurs Reborn NFTs

Minitaurs Reborn NFT Overview

Project Information

Minitaurs Reborn is a collection of 3,333 free-to-mint Minitaur NFTs with a focus on DeFi expansion. 

The project aims to provide deflationary tokens that will allow holders to burn and stake their Minitaur NFTs. A liquidity pool will be funded by 50 percent of secondary sales allowing holders to cash out.

There will also be 1/1 voxels for each genesis Minitaur that will be playable in The Sandbox metaverse.

Holders will also receive 10 percent of community wallet funds, re-dispersed through claiming.

Down the road the project has goals to turn Minitaurs into a lifestyle brand.

All secondary sale royalties go towards a community fund that will first be used help those who lost money due to the original project being rugged. 

The Minitaurs artist and founder, Samuel Forrest (@samuelgigi), is also the creator of Hawaiian Lion NFTs.