Mint Pass Velum | Harvey Rayner NFTs

Mint Pass Velum | Harvey Rayner NFT Overview

Project Information

Mint Pass Velum is a collection of 95 mint pass NFTs created by Bright Moments on the Ethereum blockchain. The mint passes are required to claim an NFT from generative artist Harvey Rayner's Bright Moments project titled 'Velum'. Mint Passes were offered through a Dutch Auction to the public, with discounts available to holders of Crypto Citizens, Fontana, or Photon's Dream NFTs. The Velum collection attempts to blend visuals of different mid-20th-century artistic movements in a generative art algorithm. Minting of the actual collection occurs in person in New York City on January 26, 2023. Holders of a Mint Pass Velum that are unable to attend are able to mint a Velum NFT remotely.