Mirror Pass Genesis NFTs

Mirror Pass Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Mirror Passes V2 is 5,555 passes that give exclusive access to the most expensive knowledge obtained from across the Web3 Space.

Mirror Passes are trying to bridge the gap between whales and regular investors by tearing down arbitrary walls for an affordable price. The team behind the project wants to make it easier for regular people who don't have 100ETH lying around to gain access to the circles of gated "alpha" discord channels through the power of crowdfunding.

After launch, the team purchased the Proof Collective Pass to immediately start sharing its benefits with the community. The idea is as the project grows it will open more doors to some of the most exclusive information available in the NFT space.

The following collections have support at launch: Anonymice, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Karafuru, Zombie Club, Cool Cats, Azuki, and Moonbirds.