The Free Open Edition Artworks We're Collecting Over the Holidays

The Free Open Edition Artworks We're Collecting Over the Holidays
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Ever since Lascaux stormed the NFT scene weeks ago, open edition (OE) digital artworks have been rising in popularity across the space. In the holiday spirit, several popular artists have made free OE pieces available to be claimed through the minting site recently. Below, you'll find a list of the pieces that have been collected by Lucky Trader's staff over the past couple of days.

  • Memories & Mysteries by mbsjq: A father/daughter collab by the popular "space artist." This claim will close on Christmas Day.
  • FVCK_HOLIDAYS by FVCKRENDER: Free claim by the LVCIDIA/90's Kids artist. This piece has already been claimed over 26,000 times.
  • Gremplin, the CrypToadz and Moonbirds Oddities artist, has three different OEs currently available to holders of his various collections. Find them linked via his Linktree page.
  • Foundation artist XENOTRIP has a Christmas-themed piece in their typical cyberpunk style. Learn more here and claim the piece before the end of the year.
  • A glitch-style Christmas piece by @Zaharia_af is free to claim here.
  • "GM~GN" by Tim Maxwell is free-to-claim here.

(note: while our team has already verified these links are legitimate by claiming the above pieces ourselves, always be vigilant when connecting your wallet to an unfamiliar website, and always DYOR before claiming or purchasing digital assets)

Happy holidays from the Lucky Trader team!


Are there any free open editions you've collected recently that should be part of this list? Let me know via email at or shoot us a DM at @LuckyTraderHQ.

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