Modern Muse: Marilyn Monroe x Zeblocks NFTs

Modern Muse: Marilyn Monroe x Zeblocks NFT Overview

Project Information

Modern Muse is a collection of 3,333 on-chain, generative art NFTs created by Zeblocks on the Ethereum blockchain. Zeblocks is a collaboration between artist and digital designer Ars0nic and developer Cheaterflums. The art duo has previously launched projects with Art Blocks and continually pushes the boundaries of on-chain art. The duo has partnered with the Marilyn Monroe Estate to release the first official Marilyn Monroe NFT collection. Zeblocks utilizes a completely on-chain generative algorithm to reimagine Marilyn Monroe through the lens of Web3. Each Modern Muse Mint Pass guarantees one mint of the generative art-driven rendition of Marilyn Monroe.