Momoguro: Holoself NFTs

Momoguro: Holoself NFT Overview

Project Information

Momoguro: Holoself is a collection of 8,888 avatar NFTs created by Baobab Studios on the Ethereum blockchain. Baobab Studios is a nine-time Emmy-winning animation and storytelling studio that was founded by Maureen Fan, a former vice president of games at Zynga, Larry Cutler, and animator and director Eric Darnell. Baobab is using Momoguro to create a new multimedia franchise and narrative role-playing game (RPG) for the company. Holders have access to the "Uno Plane", a fantastical world full of creatures and a magical power called "Momoguro Energy". Momoguro Energy allows the creatures to fuse together and form ultra-powerful "Momobeasts", each with unique abilities.