Vince Van Dough Releases "Moonbirds" Collection

Vince Van Dough Releases "Moonbirds" Collection
NFT Collector @Vince_Van_Dough released "Moonbirds" on Friday. The collection is 100 NFT photographs of B95, a shorebird with the nickname moonbird. The collector is also known for creating "Right Click Save This" back in November. The collection sold out at 0.1 ETH in 2 minutes and now has a 1.5 ETH floor. This collection comes after a Kevin Rose tweet about removing collections containing moonbirds on OpenSea, which caused AIMoonbirds to rename its collection to AINightbirds.

More about Moonbirds - VVD

At the time of publish, the Moonbirds - VVD floor price sits at 0.4 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 0 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, no sharp wallets have bought or sold NFTs in the the Moonbirds - VVD collection. Catch up on other recent Moonbirds - VVD news here.

Recent Moonbirds - VVD Sales

#83sold at 8/17 10:08pm for0.158
#76sold at 8/08 6:08pm for0.300
#54sold at 8/07 2:08am for0.350
#35sold at 8/05 8:08am for0.300
#52sold at 7/02 12:07pm for0.590

Recent Moonbirds - VVD Listings

#18listed at 9/26 6:09pm for1.00
#18listed at 9/26 6:09pm for1.00
#4listed at 9/21 3:09am for0.500
#4listed at 9/21 3:09am for0.500
#82listed at 9/20 12:09am for0.400
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