Mous In Da Hous NFTs

Mous In Da Hous NFT Overview

Project Information

Mous In Da Hous is a collection of 4,444 mouse NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Mous In Da Hous is a lot of MOUS chilling on their personal subway station surrounded by drugs, lottery, black markets & a party.

Mous In Da Hous has a team of 8 including the project founder "Crizzy", along with artists, mods, and devs.

The project has a community wallet called Treasure of 44TH ST which is tied to the project DAO. The project has 2500 Physical mystery boxes available for purchase that will include Hoodies, T-shirts, Joggers, Ashtrays, Rolling trays, papes, or rugs. The project's tokenomics will involve the $44th token that will have a wide utility. MOUS can earn15 $44th a day for staking one MOUS on the projects custom platform. $44th can be spent in the "Underground Dealer Market" on potions (after 4 months of staking) as well as lottery, auction, casino, and trading coins for selectable NFTs.