Mutant Hound Collars NFTs

Mutant Hound Collars NFT Overview

Project Information

Mutant Hound Collars is a collection of 10,000 mint pass NFTs created by MutantDAO on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mutant Hound Collar NFT can be burned to redeem a Mutant Hound NFT. The mint window is open indefinitely, meaning that Mutant Hound Collars can be burned for a Mutant Hound forever until the last Mutant Hound Collar is burnt. The collection comes from MutantDAO, and more specifically the storytelling community known as the "Mutant Cartel". While not directly connected to the Yuga Labs ecosystem, the Mutant Cartel hopes to expand the lore of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystems.