Mutant Shiba Club NFTs

Mutant Shiba Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Mutant Shiba Club is a collection of 10,000 animated NFTs. A Mutant Shiba Club NFT doubles as a club membership.

The Mutant Shiba Club team consists of four members: Creative Lead & Artist - Berry, Web3 & Smart Contracts - CrazyJump, Strategy & Operations - Gaba, and Marketing & Communications - LordSlabs.

The Mutant Shiba Club community embraces the strength of both individuality and inclusivity. Benefits of the Mutant Shiba Club membership transcend into both virtual and real-life collaborations, merchandise, social events, commercial rights, and more. The Mutant Shiba's final form has yet to be revealed. A "Zenith Serum" will be distributed in the project's chapter 3 phase.