NBA Top Shot Announces LeBron James Crafting Challenge

NBA Top Shot Announces LeBron James Crafting Challenge
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NBA Top Shot announced its latest round of crafting challenges this afternoon, highlighted by NBA superstar LeBron James. 

The crafting challenge feature allows users to burn Moments, completely removing them from the Top Shot circulation. In return, they receive a brand new challenge reward Moment. 

In order to earn the LeBron James Moment, users will need to burn the following LeBron Moments:

  • 1 LeBron James Rare Moment
  • 1 Los Angeles Lakers Rare Moment OR Team LeBron All-Star Game Rare Moment
  • 1 LeBron James Base Set Common Moment with a mint count of 15K or less
  • 2 LeBron James Common Moments

Users will have until Tuesday, August 8 at 1:00 p.m. ET to complete the challenge. 

Doing so will not be easy though. The cheapest eligible LeBron James Moment is $49 with the cheapest Rare LBJ Moment clocking in at $490. 

In addition to LeBron, Top Shot also announced a crafting challenge for New York Knicks' guard, Immanuel Quickly. 

Learn more about the challenges on the challenge page

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