NBA Top Shot Announces New "Top Shot Score"

NBA Top Shot Announces New "Top Shot Score"
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NBA Top Shot tweeted out a video on Wednesday evening outlining the new mechanics of the "Top Shot Score" which will be replacing the previous Collector Score on the platform. The team mentioned that some community members agreed to freeze their accounts and sign NDAs during this process to provide feedback as consultants.

NBA Top Shot is introducing "Leaderboards" which will provide opportunities for collectors to participate in pack drops and earn exclusive rewards based on the new Top Shot Score. Top Shot Score (TSS) will be calculated by the dollar price paid to purchase the Moment in the Marketplace multiplied by 10. TSS will be recalculated when the Moment changes hands based on the previous 60-day average sale price of that Moment.

For example, Top Shot Score points from acquiring Steph Curry Moments can be locked towards the Warriors and Steph Curry Leaderboards. Locking a Moment means you will not be able to gift, list, or withdraw the Moment from your account. Rewards for locking moments will be distributed throughout the year. Potential rewards include Moment, other Flow NFTs, and exclusive experiences. All-Star Game Moments will not count towards any Team Leaderboards. 

Completing Team Checklists will allow collectors to rise up Team Leaderboards. Team Checklists will be available at the end of each Series and rewards a Team Score for collectors. Team Series Checklists refer to all the Moments from a team in a Series excluding historical Moments (e.g., Run It Back Moments). Contemporary Team Checklists refer to all the Moments from a team in a Series including historical Moments. All-Time Team Checklists are completed when a collector holds all the Moments from a team across all Series.

  • 10,000 points for completing each Team Series Checklist
  • 20,000 points for completing the Contemporary Team Checklist
  • 25,000 points for completing the All-Time Team Checklist






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