NBA Top Shot Announces Set Rewards

NBA Top Shot Announces Set Rewards
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NBA Top Shot collectors that lock up their Series 4 Moments for a year will be able to earn special rewards according to a new announcement from NBA Top Shot

Collectors will be able to lock up to two of the same Top Shot Set, potentially earning two times the rewards. For example, if a player owns two full Series 4 Base Moment sets, they will earn two separate rewards. A user can only earn a maximum of two rewards per locked set. 

Set rewards will vary depending upon the type of set that is locked. Users that lock a Legendary NBA Moment set can expect to earn one Legendary pack, three Rare Metallic Gold LE packs, and priority access to at least two separate Legendary and Rare pack drops throughout Series 4. More information on the rewards and the distribution schedule can be found in the official press release

The set rewards announcement comes just weeks after the release of the NBA Top Shot Team Leaderboards feature which allows users to lock up their Moments, making them unavailable for listing, trading, or gifting. Since implementing the locking feature, more than 688,000 Moments have been officially locked by NBA Top Shot users. 

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