NBA Top Shot LeBron James Cosmic Moment Sells For $25,000

NBA Top Shot LeBron James Cosmic Moment Sells For $25,000
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A $25,000 purchase of an NBA Top Shot LeBron James Cosmic Moment took place on Tuesday, with notable user Andy8052 selling the coveted highlight.

The Series 1 moment, which is limited to only 49 editions and contains both a Top Shot Debut and Championship badge, is widely considered one of the most desirable on the platform. A #29 serial of the same moment sold for $208,000 in February of 2021, the third-highest on-market sale in the platform's history.

The buyer, TS user 'Burns', has a small but curated collection of 13 moments, comprised largely of Series 1 rare and legendaries. The 13 moments account for a whopping 1.6M Top Shot Score. 

Only two listings remain on the market for the James Cosmic moment, with the floor moving up to $499,999 due to lack of supply.

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