Top Shot's The Champion's Path: Conference Finals Tips and Analysis

Top Shot's The Champion's Path: Conference Finals Tips and Analysis
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Heading into Round Three of NBA Top Shot's The Champion's Path, we must pivot our strategies to align with the dynamic NBA Playoffs landscape.

Drawing from the outcomes and lessons of Rounds One and Two (which you can review here and here), here's how you can further refine your Playoff Packs strategy for Round Three:

4 Essential Strategies for Round Three

1. Home In on Players and Teams Who Excelled in Round Two

Take stock of Round Two results and concentrate on players and teams that have shown sustained playoff prowess.

With the playoffs progressing, teams with consistent strong performances are more likely to continue their journey, making their Moments even more exclusive.

By focusing on players who looked great in Round Two, such as Nikola Jokic of the Nuggets and Jayson Tatum of the Celtics, you boost your chances of owning prized, limited-edition Moments in the upcoming NBA Finals.

2. Rethink Your Collection Based on Round Two Outcomes

Use the surprising results and standout performances of Round Two to diversify your collection more effectively.

Adjust your strategy by securing Redemptions from players or teams that have defied expectations or garnered newfound momentum, such as the Miami Heat.

This method helps you counterbalance risks related to injuries or underperforming teams while capitalizing on unforeseen playoff narratives, like Seed 7 and Seed 8 teams making Conference Finals for the first time in NBA Playoff history.

3. Keep a Close Watch on Round Three Marketplace Trends and Respond Swiftly

Stay updated on Round Three trends in the Top Shot Marketplace to uncover valuable insights into the value of Moments and Redemptions.

Keep a close tab on player performance, injuries, and team match-ups to make well-informed decisions when trading, buying, or selling your Redemptions and Moments.

Being quick to act on fresh information can provide you with a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving Champion's Path.

4. Watch Out for Players Making Historic Playoff Contributions

Stay alert for players who are crafting history with their extraordinary performances in the postseason, much like Jimmy Butler's consistent brilliance for the Heat. These athletes have tremendous upside, and their Moments could turn out to be among the most sought-after and valuable assets in the set.

To leverage this potential, track player stats and playoff storylines, and identify players who are consistently exceeding expectations or setting new records. For instance, Jayson Tatum's record-breaking Game 7 performance for the Celtics in Round Two.

By obtaining Redemptions of these standout athletes, you not only increase your odds of owning limited-edition Moments that encapsulate iconic playoff achievements but also boost the overall allure and value of your collection.

Round Two Review: Evaluating Our Strategies Based on Outcomes

Miami Heat vs New York Knicks

Strategy: Recognize the Heat's potential and invest in their key players, particularly Jimmy Butler

Outcome: Successful

Our strategy to invest in Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat proved to be a sound decision. Butler continued his historic postseason run, aiding the Heat in their victory over the Knicks. Collectors who invested in Butler's Moments would have seen a significant boost in their value, especially considering the Heat's underdog status at the start of the playoffs.

Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns

Strategy: Focus on the heavy favorite's star players, especially Nikola Jokic

Outcome: Successful

Focusing on Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets proved to be a profitable strategy. Jokic's exceptional performance, averaging a 30+ point triple-double across the series (only LeBron James and Russell Westbrook have done this), has made his Moments highly sought after. His historic postseason run has added significant value to collectors who prioritized his Moments.

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers

Strategy: Capitalize on the Lakers' momentum by investing in their star players

Outcome: Successful

Our strategy to capitalize on the Lakers' momentum, particularly LeBron James, yielded positive results. Despite a strong showing from Steph Curry and the Warriors, the Lakers emerged victorious. LeBron James continued to display his value as one of the most influential players in the league, thus enhancing the value of his Moments.

Overall, our Round Two strategies proved to be effective, with successful outcomes across all series. This success underscores the importance of careful analysis of player performance and marketplace trends.

As we move into Round Three, it's essential to continue refining and adjusting your strategies based on the evolving playoff landscape to optimize the value of your NBA Top Shot Playoff Packs.

Conference Finals Analysis and Strategies

As we move into the third round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs, let's reassess our strategies based on the outcomes of Round Two. Here are the series to consider collecting:

Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers

Strategy: Hedge your bets by investing in key players from both teams, especially Nikola Jokic and LeBron James

The Nuggets, led by two-time MVP Nikola Jokic, are coming off a strong series against the Suns. Jokic's historic triple-double average in the series further cements his place in NBA history.

However, they face the formidable Lakers, fresh off their victory over the Golden State Warriors. LeBron James continues to prove his value as one of the most influential players in the league.

Given the unpredictability of this matchup, it's advisable to acquire Redemptions for both Jokic and James to ensure value regardless of the series outcome. Even with the Nuggets as strong favorites, if James makes the Finals, his Moments will be quite a bit more valuable.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat

Strategy: Monitor marketplace trends and adjust your investments based on the series' developments

The Heat, led by a resurgent Jimmy Butler, continue to defy expectations, becoming the first No. 8 seed to make it to the conference finals since 1999.

However, they face a tough challenge in the Celtics, who are coming off a hard-fought victory over the 76ers, led by Jayson Tatum's record-breaking Game 7 performance.

The Celtics are the favorites to win the series, but if Butler finds a way to beat them, his performance during the NBA Playoffs this season will go down in history as one of the best of all time. The upside is too great to not have exposure to his Redemptions.

These strategies build on our successes from Round Two, where we were able to capitalize on key player performances and marketplace trends. As the playoffs continue to evolve, be prepared to adjust your strategies to optimize the value of your NBA Top Shot Playoff Packs.


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