Top Shot's The Champion's Path: Round Two Tips and Analysis

Top Shot's The Champion's Path: Round Two Tips and Analysis
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As we head into Round Two of NBA Top Shot's The Champion's Path, capitalizing on this unique collector experience requires adapting our strategies.

Building on our three-step approach for Round One (available here, along with an overview of the new game), we added specific insights from Round One to help you optimize your Playoff Packs for Round Two:

4 New Strategies for Round Two

1. Prioritize Players and Teams With Strong Round One Performances

Analyze Round One outcomes and focus on players and teams that have showcased their playoff potential.

These teams are now more likely to advance further, making their Moments rarer and potentially more valuable.

By targeting players who have excelled in Round One, you enhance your chances of owning sought-after and limited-edition Moments in subsequent rounds.

2. Reassess Your Collection Based on Round One Results

Learn from Round One upsets and standout performances to better diversify your collection.

Adjust your strategy by acquiring Redemptions from players or teams that have surprised the competition or demonstrated newfound momentum.

This approach helps you mitigate risks associated with injuries or underperforming teams while benefiting from unexpected playoff developments.

3. Monitor Round Two Marketplace Trends and Act Fast

Stay informed about Round Two trends in the Top Shot Marketplace to gain valuable insights into the value of Moments and Redemptions.

Pay close attention to player performance, injuries, and team matchups to make informed decisions when trading, buying, or selling your Redemptions and Moments.

Acting fast on new information can give you a competitive edge in the ever-changing landscape of The Champion's Path.

4. Identify Players With Historic Postseason Opportunities

Keep an eye out for players who are already making history with their exceptional performances in the postseason, such as Jimmy Butler. These athletes have massive upside, and their Moments can become some of the most sought-after and valuable assets in the set.

To capitalize on this potential, monitor player stats and playoff narratives, and recognize players who are consistently outperforming expectations or breaking records. For example: Jimmy Butler potentially plays his old team, the Philadelphia 76ers, if the Heat beat the New York Knicks and the Sixers beat the Boston Celtics in the Round Two series.

By acquiring Redemptions of these standout athletes, you not only increase your chances of owning limited-edition Moments that capture iconic playoff feats but also enhance the overall appeal and value of your collection.

Round One Review: Evaluating Our Strategies Based on Outcomes

Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Lakers

Strategy: Investing in Redemptions for both teams' top players to hedge your bets.

Outcome: Successful

With the Lakers winning the series, our strategy of acquiring Redemptions for both teams' star players proved effective. It provided a safety net by ensuring valuable Moments from LeBron James and Anthony Davis, regardless of the outcome. And the outcome was beneficial, as James is the most valuable player in the league right now.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

Strategy: Focusing on the heavy favorite's star players, but keeping an eye on potential upsets

Outcome: Partially successful

While our primary focus on the Bucks' star players, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday, didn't yield the expected results due to the Heat's upset, our advice to monitor the series' progress and the marketplace trends helped mitigate potential losses. Those who adjusted their strategy based on the Heat's momentum and invested in Redemptions for Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo would have benefited from the unexpected outcome.

Our partial success comes from this: "However, don't completely disregard the possibility of an upset by the Heat."

Sacramento Kings vs Golden State Warriors

Strategy: Monitoring marketplace trends and adjusting investments based on the series' developments

Outcome: Successful

Our strategy of closely watching the marketplace and adapting investments according to the series' progress worked well in this closely contested matchup. As the Warriors emerged as winners, those who adjusted their investments in Redemptions for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson would have capitalized on their success.

Our Round One strategies proved to be largely effective, with the Lakers and Warriors outcomes demonstrating the value of hedging bets and monitoring marketplace trends. However, the Miami Heat's upset victory over the Milwaukee Bucks served as a reminder of the importance of remaining flexible and adapting to unexpected developments in the playoffs.

As we move into Round Two, continue refining and adjusting your strategies based on the evolving playoff landscape to optimize the value of your NBA Top Shot Playoff Packs.

Second Round Playoff Analysis and Strategies

Let's put these strategies to work in Round Two of the 2023 NBA Playoffs. Here are three series to consider collecting:

Miami Heat vs New York Knicks

Strategy: Recognize the Heat's potential and invest in their key players, particularly Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is already having an historic postseason. He has two games over 40 total points and one game over 50 total points, including game-clinching buckets in the fourth quarter and overtime.

The Miami Heat went from massive underdogs against the Milwaukee Bucks to favorites against te New York Knicks (-150). If they advance to the next round, Butler potentially sees his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers, with a chance to make the 2023 NBA Finals.

"Tobias Harris over me?" Get exposure to Butler.

Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns

Strategy: Focus on the heavy favorite's star players, especially Nikola Jokic

The Denver Nuggets are currently heavy favorites (-300) over the Phoenix Suns, which would land them in the Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors or Los Angeles Lakers.

Nikola Jokic has won the MVP award twice in his career, but he hasn't won an NBA Championship. If he makes it all the way to the NBA Finals and wins, collectors would have exposure to his first-ever NBA Championship victory.

Critics have been harrassing Jokic for not winning an NBA Championship yet in his career, which makes this Moment that much more valuable, if he pulls it off.

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers

Strategy: Capitalize on the Lakers' momentum by investing in their star players

When it came down to it, Steph Curry finally found his three-point shot and scored 50 points to advance to Round Two of the NBA Playoffs. In a similar fashion, LeBron James took over and helped his team progress toward the NBA Championship.

This is an interesting series, and it makes sense to hedge bets between Curry and James. But James is the most valuable player in the league (Curry, perhaps second), and this is one of his final seasons. Having exposure to one of his final deep runs in the NBA Playoffs is worthwhile, and the Lakers matchup well against the Warriors.


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