NeckVille NFTs

NeckVille NFT Overview

Project Information

Neckville is a town within the metaverse where 5,555 Neckvillian NFTs live, work, and explore. Each NFT resembles an everyday worker within the town consisting of day workers, professionals, protectors, misfits, and leaders. Leaders are the rarest tier and are each 1/1. 

Post mint, the number one Neckvillian, the mayor, will be auctioned off with the winner receiving $10,000 a month for one year. 

After the public mint, the NeckVille Bank was created, holding a $200,000 base fund with 50% of funds from secondary royalties being added weekly. Neckville NFT Holders can apply for a job within Neckville and get paid in Ethereum.

The team expects to also release a clothing line associated with the brand.