Neo Tokyo Identities NFTs

Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Overview

Project Information

Neo Tokyo Identities is a collection of 2,018 identity NFTs and 2,500 vault cards.

The mint had no presale, was free-to-mint, and required minters to solve puzzles in order to join the whitelist.

The NFTs are strings of code, with "games within games inside the codes." This is supposed to "root out" passive holders. And figuring out the strings of code gives "citizens great power in Neo Tokyo.

The game consists of citizens, noncitizens, and spawn points in New Tokyo. Citizens have classifications of meat bags, vault holders, and paper handers. Citizens with full identities and vault cards may pick up their bytes. The citadel is the governing body for citizens in the game where they announce released perks, such as legendary identities.

The team consists of Alex Becker and Elliotrades, both popular crypto YouTubers.