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Non-Fungible Films NFT Overview

Project Information

Non-Fungible Films is an entertainment studio focused on bridging Web3 and Mainstream Media. The Non Fungible Films Membership Pass is the key that unlocks everything in the studio's Web3 universe. This includes their Multi-Metaverse, "The Great Beyond", and their Creator Studio.

Non-Fungible Films was founded by Cameron Moulène. Cameron Moulène has been a working actor and screenwriter since the age of 14, and a lead on multiple television series (Happyland, Foursome, A Teacher). He is the founder of Covid Production Services, a nationwide testing and logistics supplier for entertainment studios. In the past two years he’s become obsessed with Web3 and NFTs and garnered a notable collection focused on assets with free IP use for holders.

The Creator Studio is where the team plans to accelerate the next unfound talent to produce their own IP. Non-Fungible Films was formed with the mission of developing high-quality content and engagement for Web3 collections across multiple media platforms (Film, TV, Gaming). Non-Fungible Films has three primary verticals; NFTs & Community, ‘Play-to-Earn’ Gaming, and ‘View-to-Earn’ Streaming, which will grow in parallel to develop and host their entire ecosystem of Intellectual Property.