Non-Fungible Films Partners With National Lampoon

Non-Fungible Films Partners With National Lampoon
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Non-Fungible Films, a membership pass NFT collection focused on developing and creating film, TV, and gaming platforms, is entering into a partnership with National Lampoon, originally a satire magazine that led to films like Christmas Vacation and TV shows like The Griswolds.

The new partnership will feature new National Lampoon NFTs, innovative web3 content, and other media based on the brand's storied IP, according to the team's tweet.

Holders of current Non-Fungible FIlms membership passes will receive a commemorative NFT via an airdrop in the coming days. An exclusive variant will be airdropped to Studio Heads, which means holders who currently own three Executive Producer Passes.

"This is just the beginning," Non-Fungible Films wrote on Twitter. "NFF has been working tirelessly to bring this vision [to] life. Strap in. It's getting real in web3."

The first satirical image posted in collaboration between the two projects is a magazine frontcover that features a quip on Elon Musk backing out of a deal with OpenSea and Kylie [Jenner] blaming blockchain for global warming while riding in her private jet. The cost is the issue is set at 0.69 ETH.

“We could not think of a better production partner to incubate and create web3 IP with than Non-Fungible Films,” National Lampoon's co-founder Raj Singh said in a statement. “Their passionate and loyal fans are a natural fit, and those who have grown up with our brand are ready for a disruptive NFT experience.”

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