NFL ALL DAY Announces Immaculate Reception Drop Details

NFL ALL DAY Announces Immaculate Reception Drop Details
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NFL ALL DAY released details of its upcoming "Immaculate Reception" pack drop late on Friday night.

The drop, which features only 10 signature Immaculate Reception Moments,  will be broken up into two separate drops, each taking place on Tuesday, Dec. 20. 

Standard Drop

The standard pack drop is available and open to the public starting at 1:00 p.m. ET and is comprised of 1,884 packs, each containing 1 Moment that will cost $69. An additional 500 standard packs are being withheld from this particular drop, and across the total 2,334 standard packs, 5 Ultimate Moments will be found by lucky collectors. Because of the randomization of the packs, ALL DAY will not know the distribution of Immaculate Reception Moments in the distributed packs versus those held back. The top 100 purchasers (by net marketplace spend) of Steelers Moments will gain access to an early reservation link for the standard pack. 

Premium Drop

After the standard drop, at 5:00 p.m. a premium pack drop will be available to only a select only available to select collectors of Steelers Moments and the NFL ALL DAY Historical Series. This drop contains just 50 packs, five of which will contain an Ultimate Moment. Didn't score the Ultimate Moment? You still are guaranteed to include pull a Legendary Moment from Terry Bradshaw or Franco Harris. These packs will only contain one Moment and cost collectors $699. 

Those who already hold an Ultimate Moment or a complete Legendary Historical Series set will have the option to reserve a premium pack early. This list of users has already been shared and is comprised of 37 potential collectors. If everyone from this list decides to purchase a pack, only 13 will be left for the premium drop at 5:00 p.m. ET. 

For more information on the pack drop, refer to the initial release from NFL ALL DAY

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