NFL ALL DAY Announces 'The Playbook'

NFL ALL DAY Announces 'The Playbook'
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Dapper Labs' NFL product, NFL ALL DAY, is rolling out "The Playbook" to all users over the next hour, according to a tweet from the project

The Playbook is a new game mode (with a free-to-play option) that allows users to complete challenges and "move their football down the field" towards rewards. 

Each week, users will be handed a playbook full of challenges and opportunities that they will need to complete. Each completed challenge earns a select amount of yards, moving the user down the field towards rewards. 

All tasks are called "plays," which may be as simple as requiring a user to log in or perform some other simple function on the NFL ALL DAY platform. 

Today's play? Log in to NFL ALL DAY to earn your first yards. 

Do I Need Moments To Play? 

No! Users do not need to own NFL ALL DAY Moments in order to participate in The Playbook challenges. However, those who do not own Moments will only be eligible to participate in the free rewards tier. This tier only rewards users with select cosmetic items to help them flex their NFL ALL DAY profiles. 

Users participating in the premium rewards tier will be eligible to win "Playbook Packs," a new pack type that includes the best Moments from the NFL season. Want to earn a Playbook Pack? First, you'll need to unlock premium rewards and then you'll need to earn enough yards to earn the prize. 

The first week's premium challenge requires that users burn five NFL ALL DAY Moments. 

What's Inside a Playbook Pack? 

Playbook Packs will come in five different types, rated one through five stars. 

  • One Star: 1 Base-set Moment.
  • Two Star: 2 Common Moments, featuring 1 Base Moment and a second that is either Base or Common Special Edition.
  • Three Star: 3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Common Special Edition or a Rare Moment.
  • Four Star:  3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Common Special-Edition or Rare (the odds at a Rare moment in this pack will be higher than the odds at a Rare Moment in the Three Star Pack).
  • Five Star: 3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Rare or Legendary.

Playbook packs from week one will include epic highlights from Season 1. 

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