NFL All Day Brings Back Playbook Challenges

NFL All Day Brings Back Playbook Challenges
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NFL All Day announced the return of its Playbook Challenges in a recent blog post.

The Playbooks went live today at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Users will be able to participate in the Rookie and/or All-Pro Playbooks with no limit on how many they can complete.

Rewards for the Playbooks will now feature Moments, including A.J. Green, Khalil Mack, Joe Mixon, Derrick Henry, and more.

However, NFL All Day let it be known that it did not forget about its users' love for opening packs and will be releasing five total packs each week that can be earned through Playbook Challenges varying in difficulty level. The packs will contain five Moments, three of them being "specific Moments you know you're getting and two featuring surprise pulls."

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