NFL ALL Day Shares Details on Series 2, Burning Challenges

NFL ALL Day Shares Details on Series 2, Burning Challenges
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On top of the release of "The Playbook," NFL ALL DAY has also shared important details about Series 2 Moments, quantities, burning challenges, and more in a nighttime press release

Firstly, the cadence of pack drops is changing to start the Series 2 season. Unlike in Series 1 where pack drops happened on a weekly basis, pack drops in Series 2 will not happen as frequently and will be composed of Moments across multiple weeks of the NFL season. 

Those Moments will come in the following rarity tiers, with corresponding mint limits:

  • Common Tier: Up to /10,000 Mint Count (Special Edition no more than 7,999)
  • Rare Tier: Up to /2,499 Mint Count
  • Legendary Tier: Up to /100 Mint Count
  • Ultimate Tier: Up to /10 Mint Count

Additionally, NFL ALL DAY indicated that Moment burning will be an integral part of Series 2 and the long-term strategy of the platform. 

As such, the first Moment burning challenge has been introduced, requiring users to burn NFL ALL DAY Moments for a reward. 

Go For Two Challenge

As part of the "Go For Two" Challenge, any user that was holding at least seven NFL ALL DAY Moments as of Sept. 6 at 4:10 p.m. ET will be airdropped a "Celebration" pack. This pack will contain three Moments and may arrive between now and Thursday. 

After reviewing the contents of the pack, a user may choose to burn all the Moments in exchange for a "Fourth and Goal" pack that contains four Moments - three Common, and a fourth that is Common, Rare, or Legendary. 

Want to burn your Moments? You'll need to decide by Friday, Sept. 9 at 11:59 p.m. ET. 

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