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NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized 3D voxel-based metaverse NFT project comprised of 10,000 unique NFT worlds using Minecraft and its open source ecosystem.
The NFT Worlds team is led by @iamarkdev and @temptranquil. The NFT Worlds dev team has moved extremely fast on the project roadmap thanks to their open-source ecosystem philosophy. The team is also comprised of several community moderators and dozens of verified builder partners.
The platform is fully customizable and community driven. The metaverse has play to earn mechanics using the $WRLD token and allows owners to create their own limitless metaverse games or experiences for players or exclusive communities within their worlds. Additionally, world owners can stake their world and while staked make it available for rent. Owners set their monthly price to rent their staked NFT World in $WRLD token. With NFT Worlds also being compatible with Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch the team believes the project will become a massively multiplayer ecosystem of many interconnected worlds. Each world will offer unique gameplay mechanics, experiences, play-to-earn competitions, and community hangouts.

News Feed

Just under a week ago, users with early access were able to begin registering their .wrld domain names.

.wrld domains act similarly to .eth from ENS (Ethereum Name Service) as it is tied to the address that holds the domain.

The service is now open to the public and can be purchased on the official website according to a recent Discord announcement.

The sale is being done in the project's utility token $WRLD at a cost of 500 $WRLD.

NFT Worlds Name Service Now Open to the Public

NFT Worlds, a popular metaverse platform, released its .wrld name service today according to a recent Discord announcement.

.wrld addresses act similarly to .eth addresses and will be tied to the wallet that the domain is registered to. 

The NFT Worlds Twitter account has said all future updates for .wrld domains will now be on @WrldNameService.

Users who hold an early registration pass and wish to register their .wrld domain can go to to do so.

NFT Worlds Name Service Goes Live

NFT Worlds announced planned updates of its game in a Discord announcement Monday, including new features such as a native $WRLD marketplace, an inventory management system, and an in-game trading interface.

Visitors to the NFT Worlds site can also expect an updated user interface, including individual world information pages and friends lists, where users can see which worlds their friends are playing on and join them.

Users can look forward to more, but "we can't spoil everything just yet," said the announcement. 

NFT Worlds Rolling Out Site Upgrades

WRLD, the native token of NFT Worlds, is now ranking properly on CoinMarketCap after getting updated and verified by the platform.

The token previously had issues on CoinMarketCap, which are now resolved.

WRLD is an ERC-20 utility token used to play the NFT World game. It can also be used to access exclusvie experiences, purchase items, access perks and content, and more.

WRLD is required to purchase optional, custom NFT World character NFTs.

NFT Worlds Native Token (WRLD) Updated on CoinMarketCap

NFT Worlds has provided an update to holders on what to expect in the upcoming months from the Marketing team. The target demographic will be English-speaking Minecraft players between the ages of 16 and 34. The goal is to get current players from Minecraft to sign up with NFT Worlds through promotion on streaming channels, subreddits, and Minecraft servers. NFT Worlds plans to sign paid partnerships with Minecraft content creators to accomplish this.

NFT Worlds Partnering With Content Creators


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