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Project Information

NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized 3D voxel-based metaverse NFT project comprised of 10,000 unique NFT worlds using Minecraft and its open source ecosystem.
The NFT Worlds team is led by @iamarkdev and @temptranquil. The NFT Worlds dev team has moved extremely fast on the project roadmap thanks to their open-source ecosystem philosophy. The team is also comprised of several community moderators and dozens of verified builder partners.
The platform is fully customizable and community driven. The metaverse has play to earn mechanics using the $WRLD token and allows owners to create their own limitless metaverse games or experiences for players or exclusive communities within their worlds. Additionally, world owners can stake their world and while staked make it available for rent. Owners set their monthly price to rent their staked NFT World in $WRLD token. With NFT Worlds also being compatible with Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch the team believes the project will become a massively multiplayer ecosystem of many interconnected worlds. Each world will offer unique gameplay mechanics, experiences, play-to-earn competitions, and community hangouts.