HYTOPIA, Formerly NFT Worlds, Secures $3M in Funding

HYTOPIA, Formerly NFT Worlds, Secures $3M in Funding
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HYTOPIA, formerly NFT Worlds, announced a significant $3 million fundraise spearheaded by Delphi Digital and Delphi Ventures, marking an advancement towards revolutionizing the gaming world.

The Deets

  • Rebranding & Vision: Formerly known as NFT Worlds, HYTOPIA merges cutting-edge social and modern features for players while providing a robust game creation toolkit for developers.
  • Inspiration & Monetization: The platform boasts a Minecraft-inspired playstyle and is focusing on creator tools and unrestricted game development. HYTOPIA introduces an open and transparent monetization layer, propelled by its proprietary L2 blockchain and the $TOPIA currency.
  • Team & Partnerships: The initiative has collaborated with notable figures like @pierskicks and @YanLiberman. Together, they're navigating the challenges of creating web3 games and User-Generated Content (UGC) game platforms.
  • Stay Tuned: A public beta for HYTOPIA is on the horizon, with over a million players already pre-registered.

The Bulk

HYTOPIA successfully raised $3M, led by Delphi Digital and Delphi Ventures. Previously known to web3 as NFT Worlds, HYTOPIA aims to be more than a gaming platform. Its emphasis? A seamless blend of contemporary and social features for its player base. The platform offers developers a versatile game creation toolkit that echoes the beloved Minecraft playstyle.

With a focus on creator tools, the platform is diving into the realm of unrestricted game development. The cherry on top? A transparent and open monetization layer with its own L2 and $TOPIA token. 

🎤Founder Feedback

For those unfamiliar, HYTOPIA (previously NFT Worlds) is a game platform & engine crafted from the ground up & it blends long-sought social and modern features for players with a flexible, monetizable game creation toolkit for developers within a Minecraft-inspired playstyle.HYTOPIA

🎬Take Action

Interested in playing? The public can register now and join the reported one million plus gamers awaiting HYTOPIA's beta: preregister.hytopia.com

🔜What's Next?

HYTOPIA is readying itself for a public beta release in the upcoming months. 

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