NFT Worlds Addresses the State of Its Project

NFT Worlds Addresses the State of Its Project
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NFT Worlds hosted a Twitter Spaces earlier this afternoon to update its community following Minecraft's recent ban of NFTs in its game.

Below is a summary of what was discussed, not verbatim.

The project will now be transitioning into a "Minecraft-like game with backward compatibility."

Transitioning into a "Minecraft-like game" will apparently make the player experience easily transferable and give the team more control over the direction of the project in the long term.

While the game will be similar to Minecraft, the team assures the game will not be copied and pasted directly from Minecraft.

In regards to implementing the updates, the team said it plans for it to take "months not years" for it to be able to fully transition into the new game.

The team plans to keep users informed on the updates as well as releasing playable clients of the updates as they come out.

NFT Worlds also discussed the state of its treasury as many users have worried about the ability to pay for these transitions.

The team went on to say that it immediately converts its revenue into USD and that the treasury has "millions and millions of dollars to execute with."

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