NFT Worlds Announces First 'Game Jam', $10K Prize Pool

NFT Worlds Announces First 'Game Jam', $10K Prize Pool
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NFT Worlds is inticing developers and creators to build games on its new MetaFab platform via its new On-Chain Jam competition. The top three winners will split a $10,000 USD prize pool, according to a recent Discord announcement.

MetaFab is the new platform that NFT Worlds's infrastructure has been relocated to. Participants in the On-Chain Jam competition must utilize MetaFab system and APIs to create their games.

"We're excited to announce our first game jam! As you know, NFT Worlds infrastructure has been moved to be openly built on top of our MetaFab platform," the team wrote on Discord. "We're starting a trend of game jam competitions through MetaFab that are open to all developers to create games using the MetaFab systems and APIs."

NFT Worlds hopes to test the underlying infrastructure of MetaFab via these game competition prior to the release of its new game client. 

The prizes are as follows:

  • First Place: $7,500
  • Second Place: $2,000
  • Third Place: $500

For additional details on the competition and a full list of rules, see the official submission website here.

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