NFT Worlds Releases Upcoming Plans

NFT Worlds Releases Upcoming Plans
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Following the news of Minecraft banning the use of blockchain technologies from its platform, the NFT Worlds team has officially made a statement in a recent Discord announcement in regards to the news. 

The team leads off by saying that the statement from Microsoft, the owners of Minecraft, came "out of nowhere" and that it is currently working through solutions. 

NFT Worlds is in now the process of trying to get in contact with the team who was in charge of this decision at Microsoft to discuss the details of this policy change. 

However, the team is aware of the possibility that this may not get overruled and have a couple of contingency plans in place just in case.

In the announcement, NFT Worlds stated that it is willing to "transition into our own Minecraft-like game engine" by purchasing the necessary engines and hiring a development team to build it.

The other route the team has considered is pivoting to a "GameFi platform" citing that the transition would be "quick and easy" due to them having developed the technology for it already in case of an event like this occurring.

While the NFT Worlds floor price has been down more than 70 percent at certain points today, there has been a net of 75 profitable wallets (those that have made 50 ETH in profit through trading) buying into the project.

The floor price for the project is currently 1.0 ETH.

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