NGs by JakNFT x Kotegawa NFTs

NGs by JakNFT x Kotegawa NFT Overview

Project Information

NGs is a collection of 1,111 glitched NFTs created by @JakNFT and @HirojiKotegawa on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was inspired by crypto culture and was created to pay homage to its contributors. @JakNFT and @HirojiKotegawa originally created over 5,000 original NGs by hand over the course of six months. From those original creations, they hand selected the 1,111 NFTs specifically to be released within this collection. Each NGs NFT was created one by one using a process that combines glitch, animation, sculpting, and 3D modeling, which is a blend of techniques that @HirojiKotegawa and @JakNFT specialize in. In total, the collection features 111 different types of NGs with multiple 1/1s throughout.