NimTeens by Bryan Brinkman NFTs

NimTeens by Bryan Brinkman NFT Overview

Project Information

NimTeens is a collection of 400 on-chain, generative art NFTs created by digital artist Bryan Brinkman on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was released as part of the Art Blocks Presents NFT collection. NimTeens represents the follow-up collection to Brinkman's previous Art Blocks project NimBuds, which is the 10th project ever released on Art Blocks. Similar to NimBuds, NimTeens features generative cumulonimbus clouds, this time represented as teenagers ready for their class photo. Each NimTeens NFT features a random collection of hair, colors, eyes, mouths, acne, bodies, backdrops, and more. A total of 10% of the sales from the collection were donated to The Trevor Project which provides 24/7 crisis support services to LGBTQ young people.