Nippy & Frens Founders Pass NFTs

Nippy & Frens Founders Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

Nippy & Frens Founders Pass is a collection of 5,000 reward pass NFTs created by Nippy & Frens on the Ethereum blockchain. Nippy & Frens is an up-and-coming children's franchise that is dedicated to teaching kids about Web3, the blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Each Founders Pass NFT rewards early believers in the Nippy & Frens franchise with multiple benefits. Holders of a single Founders Pass NFT are able to mint future Nippy & Frens NFT releases for a fixed price of 0.02 ETH and can engage in different activities and games to win cash prizes and NFTs. Holders of 5 or more Founders Pass NFTs receive additional benefits, including receiving 1.5% Nippy royalties, 10% of non-Nippy character drops, and more.