Super PUMA NFTs Coming Soon

Super PUMA NFTs Coming Soon
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PUMA confirmed additional details for its Super PUMA collection dropping next week including supply, allocation, and artist collaboration details in a tweet on Thursday evening.

The Deets

The collection will have a total supply of 10,000 with 6,000 allocated to NITRO NFTs holders. Each NITRO NFT holder will automatically be airdropped one Super PUMA NFT for each NITRO held.

The remaining 4,000 will be available to the public on Feb. 22 starting at 10:00 a.m. ET. Super PUMA will have a mint price of 0.15E.

❗Why It Matters

PUMA plans to use this expansion in its ecosystem to continue to grow in the web3 space with initiatives like "plush toys and products intended to build the Super PUMA IP."

Community Quotes

Really interesting to see you dive into Web3! Looking forward to seeing the development of this NFT project@realneustreet

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