Nomad Blvd NFTs

Nomad Blvd NFT Overview

Project Information

Nomad Boulevard is a unique collection of 3,500 gorilla NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Nomads are generated by burning a mint pass: you can buy a pass here:  

Each Nomad consists of hand-painted traits and elements created by Isabelle Lago, who is a renowned painter and muralist based in Los Angeles.  Nomads are representative of the idea of an "uncensored human" - a fight against the stigma and idealized essence of "beauty" forged by social media.  Nomads signify self-acceptance of the raw versions we are as humans, intended just as we should be.  

You can find engagement in "The BLVD" - the project's Discord and system for Nomad Blvd NFT holders to collaborate on the future of the community.