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The Non-Fungible Fungi are a Kingdom of 10,100 unique 3D animated (and enchanted) Mushroom NFTs strolling through the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mushroom falls into 1 of 3 species; Magic, Mire-able, and Bog Standard with Magic being the rarest and Bog being the most common. 

The Bog Standard species are an easy-going, chilled-out younger Mushroom that will make up 67.9% of the overall Mushroom population. Our Bogs tend to leave a more subtle impression and allow more people to become an adopter, however, on occasion, rarer combinations/variants do emerge.

The Mire-able species are slightly older than the Bog Standards, but with age, did not come wisdom… These Mushrooms are placid creatures and rather dim-witted in nature, but for what they lack in IQ, they make up in both love and character. Mire-ables make up 31.7% of the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

The Magic species are as wise as they are old (and they are very, very old). Making up for just 0.4% of the Mushroom population, the Magic Mushrooms are the rarest mushroom we have and ever will have. Magic mushrooms are all unique, all Gold bracketed, and all extremely extravagant in design.

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