Nouns Turn One Year Old Today

Nouns Turn One Year Old Today
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Today marks one year since the first Noun, "Noun 0," was minted from the NounsDAO. 

Nouns are a CC0 collection where each Noun acts as a membership pass to the Nouns DAO as well as one governance vote on any proposal within the DAO.

Despite only releasing a year ago, the floor price of a Noun currently sits at 96.0 ETH according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

For more on the Nouns DAO check out What Is a Nouns NFT? The Nouns DAO Project You Should Know About.

While Nouns are a CC0 project, it is has seen its IP be used by big brands like Bud Light who featured Nouns in its Super Bowl commericial this year.

Another CC0 project named CryptoDickButts has seen a huge spike in price recently while other projects such as Moonbirds have caught flack in going the CC0 route.

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